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CREMER, a family-owned business with an international presence in over 30 countries, has been active in the production and distribution of oleochemicals since the late 1970s. Due to continuous growth and market demand, a separate division by the name of CREMER OLEO was launched in 2005. With its headquarters in Hamburg and strong interconnections to the CREMER OLEO regional offices all over the world, the company ensures a high level of satisfaction among its stakeholders. Such independence, local presence and long-term experience in global logistics today make CREMER OLEO a reliable and powerful partner in a volatile market environment.

The selected green product range includes vegetable-based Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Bio Ethanol, Glycerin, Soap Noodles, Animal Feed Fats, Methyl Esters as well as Vegetable Oils and innovative Care Ingredients in several different grades and packages. CREMER OLEO is committed to supplying and serving customers for cosmetic, food, feed, pharmaceutical and technical applications.

Dedicated teams, long-term alliances and cooperation combined with our CREMER production facilities build the foundation of the division. Highest quality standards and a large variety of sustainable products in conjunction with a competitive pricing structure make CREMER OLEO a well-recognized partner even beyond the oleochemical industry.

A wealth of satisfied customers has convinced us to invest further and improve our day-to-day work to make their life more convenient.

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